BRRG Bout 2

It’s that time again. I’m sittin at turn 2 as usual and will be live blogging the action. 15 minutes till game 1. HK vs. Steamers. This bout is gonna be great! Stay tuned.

Intros are over. Time to skate. First to jam are Killy and monster. I’m not sure what strategy that first jam was but it worked for the knockers. Monster busts through for a quick 3 points

Cq takes lead, 4 pt jam. Steamers up 1 as fright takes lead jam with 2 points. Steamers up 6-3

Buddha tried to split 2 knockers and got sandwiched. Knockers score 1.

Next jam Killy busts through. Sends a quick taunt and has an unproductive jam. No points scores.

Cq gets another lead and quickly scores 4.

Bad mooney takes great lead for a grand slam plus 2. Tied at 11. Great bout so far

Knockers have fright stuck in the pack hardcore. Double grand slam for the knockers but 2 knockers in the box as a result of the jam. Knockers up 23 to 11

Steamers hold off the knockers jammed long enough for Killy to score 4 and call it

Cq blatantly cuts the track and gets caught. Poweriam for monster. Refs FINALLY call 20′. Another steamer to the box. 11 points for monster knockers up 19

Another good jam for knockers for 4 points. This HK team looks like a completely different team from last week. They are skating awesome. Their strategy is working

4 more points knockers. 42-15

Knockers flying everywhere to take out Killy with no results. Knockers got lead but only 1 point

Takeout is back! Cq cuts the track again but gets away with it. Powerjam for steamers! Go CQ go. steamers get 8. Scary got back in and called the jam but I hear it wasn’t a legal call as she never retook lead jam. Not sure what happened there but the jam is over.

Buddha in the box but halo and the other blockers are doing great at holdin knockers jammed back. Somehow Buddha manages to get 4 after coming back in. 54-27 knockers

Takeout is jamming for the first time in a long time. Grandslam plus 3 Welcome back TO

Monster gets another lead jam. Every jam she skates she takes he outside between turns 1 and 2 and easily gets the lead. Watch out for that steamers !

Of course no sooner do I say that, monster jams and goes inside. Another lead. Another 4 points

There refs refuse to call 20′. WTF

TO is jamming again and making it look simple. 5 grandslams and he steamers jammed was NOT in the box. How the hell does that happen??????


2 jams over in second half and HK up 100 to 48

Looks like steamers may have figured a few things out at halftime. Cq with some great hits on monster let’s fright get a quick grand slam. Let’s go steamers. You can do this.

I love these blocks. Sandwiched between 2 blockers and when they let you go you get hit by the one in front of you. Scary for HK in box. Powerjam for Killy. 15 points, 104-48

Quick 4 for cq. Steamers are a late game team. Watch out HK. I’m calling it a comeback.

Fright with the hidden trip and gets away with it forcing a 0 point jam for HK. Fright ends up in the box giving HK a fresh powerjam. Refs again ignore 20′ rule. Halo comes out of the box just to get sent back.

Monster takes the outside wall again and gets lead. 4-1 knockers up 120-57

Halo takes out a knocker and a ref in a great hit. Knockers score another 4.

Looks like the knockers are back. Steamers jammers can’t seem to get out of the pack. Insane.

Let’s pay attention refs. Cq gets hit in the face. Clearly bleeding and she gets sent to the box? What the hell. Prima goes to box, freeing cq who comes out blazing and scores 5 before the jam ends.

129-62. Under 10 minutes in bout

Powerjam for steamers. Killy gets laid out and gets back into it. 20 foot!!!!!!!!!! Killy scores 14.

Fright is again stuck in the pack, rough jamming night for her. V scores 5 for a score of 134-76 with 5 to go

Damn can halo hit hard

Killy takes lead over monster and monster looks like Shes pissed. She skated harder than I think I’ve ever seen to catch up and limit Killy to 1

Knockers playing some great clock management strategy. 38 seconds to go with the knockers up 56. Fantastic skating knockers. Game over 143-93. Epic game

Game 2 coming up next hellbombers v pinups

Intros done. Time to skate. This game should be quite entertaining. 2010 hazard cup rematch

Match opens with blatant tripping and a another no call. WTF refs??? 4-2 pinups

No lead jammer Souleater pulls down her teammate trying to gain speed but it doesn’t help. 8-3 jam for hb. Great jam eduskater.

Eva and another skater tried sandwiching destroya with utter fail. One pinup goes down and destroya keeps going. Great!

Razor takes quick lead but having to deal with eva’s speed she only gets 1 point. 16-11 hb

Great blocking going on from both teams. Hb up 20-14. Sparkles takes lead but Eva is close behind. 1 point to hb

Razor takes lead with soule still stuck in the pack. Morbid is making it impossible to pass her. 3 points hb

Slaughter hits way out, beyond the 20′ and gets sent to he box. 4 points to pinups. Nice jam

Destroya takes an elbow to the face and still manages to fight through it and get lead. She looks hurt but won’t give up. 7 points

Eva breaks loose for a quick 4 for pinups.

RAzor takes another quick lead jam and gets 1/2 track lead. Scores 4 and calls it. 36-22 hb

Pixie pushes for a lead jam quite skillfully but sparkles is right behind her. 0 point jam. When sparkles loses lead jam it seems it lights a fire under her skates cause she closes the gap between her and the opposing jammer crazy fast!

Eva blew to near lead jam and slaughter appeared out of nowhere to block and keep eva from getting it. Quick skates slaughter another 0 point jam

Eduskater fights through for a 4 point jam. 7 minutes left in first half

Destroya jammin gets credit from Kent smith for getting her grove on at the jam line.

Hellbombers blockers are hitting hard tonight. I would not want to be on he receiving end of those hits. Small jams but hb is doing fairly well at running this game

Powerjam for hb gets them 10points 53-22 hb

Pinups just can’t keep together in the pack.

Soule whips pixie out for lead jam coupled with great trapping of hb jammer yields 8-0 jam. Keep that up pinups.

Again pinups get lead and trap the hb jammer for a 3 point jam. Halftime 53-33 hb

Halftime is over. Let’s do this.

Again sparkles speed limits pixie to a 1 point jam

Injury timeout, mandy gets up on her own and looks okay.

Pixie takes lead and when trying to make it back through he pack to score takes a crazy hit from sparkles.

Hb up 62-36

Pixie gets sent to the box giving sparkles a powerjam. 9 points. 71-36

I wish I could say more but this is just a solid match. Again, both jammers make it out quickly for a 0 point jam

Eduskater gets sent to the box. Pixie has a chance to close this gap but the veteran hb blockers stop pixie, holding her to only 2 points. Pinups were giving pixie no help whatsoever. At times even hindering pixie. Come on and work together.

2 bombers in the box, one of which is slaughter who has been in there 3 times already ( I thing that count is right)

Sparkles blazes around he track for 4 points before she calls it. 75-43 hb

Slaughter goes down taking out a pinup and unfortunately takes eduskater out with her. Sucks more cause eduskater is they’d jammer.

Eduskater lost her star helmet cover and some idiot NSO takes it off the track nooooooo please educate people before they officiate.

Another taunt from sparkles. Love it.

Nice help bruises. Pave the way for your jammer. 85-56

Eva takes lead and score 4-1. Eva jamming back to back. Razor is her opposing jammer and blazes out for 4. 91-60

Wow. Razor takes lead and Eva as the opposing jammer blocked razor until pinups pack catches up and absorbs razor for blocks. Awesome strategy

Slaughter to he box again! Sparkles runs through for another 10 points 102-60. I did not expect this bout to go this way. I thought it would be much closer but the bombers came out in it to win it.

Eva takes lead after a split pack. Scores 3 and calls it.

Kent smith. Shut up! I don’t want a burrito

Bout over 106-67

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