BRRG Week 1 Bout 1

I am just going to post my random thoughts as this goes on.

Bout 1. Hellbombers vs. Cleveland steamers

Here we go. Time for intros!

Pain Austin is bench managing steamers. Awesome! Slaughter is back on skates.

Killy gets first lead jam. Steamers up 2-0

Nice hit halo! 1 point steamers.
Nice blocking all around. Fright gets lead jam. 4-1 steamers

Razor takes hb first lead jam. 5-4 steamers

9-5 hb. Nice jam eduskater

Nice hits and blocks hb. Nice taunt Killy. Hahaha

Fright drafting halo for the lead. Awesome! 17-9 hb

Fright takes lead. 23-13 hb

Coco slams through a steamers wall, 27-13

This may be a lower scoring game but it’s intense! Fright is looking great jamming this year so far. Not sure what she did in the off season, but it shows.

32-20 hb

Coco tried busting through the steamers wall again but it didnt work. 34-22 hb

Grand slam Killy

35-33 hb. Great effort Killy.

Last jam coming up. Cupquake takes lead First half is over. Steamers take the lead 36-35!

Ok. Second half. Killy takes lead. 39-35 steamers.

Grand slam and then some for buddha. 47-38 steamers

Smart jam destroya 47-42 steamers

Buddha. What moves. Recovers from a hit by spinning. Awesome. Dispite that, the hb get a 10 pt jam. Tie game

Way to miss a blatant cut refs.

58-56 steamers

Powerjam for hb. 67-62 steamers.

Powerjam steamers and Buddha(steamers jammer) to the box. 80-77 steamers.

8 minutes left in bout.

Did razor just hurdle a down teammate? Amazing. 81-80 hb has the lead

Cq’s back wheels fell of. Crazy!

Hb wins 87-84

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  1. So nice to hear that the ladies are playing so well!!! Wish I could be there in person — sounds like they’ve got some super impressive skating happening!

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