Disable Automatic Reboot after Windows Updates on Windows XP Home and Pro

If you are reading this post, you are probably about as annoyed as I am about seeing the following: Well, after a bit of googling I found the fix! Best part about it is that it’s quite simple to fix whether you have XP Pro or Home. Check it out at Code Retard. Hopefully this Read More


Many throughout history have asked the question: “What is Love?” Love is defined as ‘a strong positive emotion of regard and affection’. As I sit here, I find myself thinking about love and about the other emotions and experiences the true feeling brings with it. Some people say that Love brings joy, or happiness, or Read More

StarCraft II Beta – Part 1

Well it finally happened. Blizzard accepted me into their beta program and I was granted access to the long awaited StarCraft II. Now to put this into perspective for you, my favorite PC game of all time, that I still play often enough is StarCraft. There is something about that game in particular that has Read More

.SQL Files launch a new instance of SQL Server Management Studio instead of opening a new query window (Windows 7)

I had an issue where doubleclicking on a .SQL file always launched a new instance of SSMS instead of just creating a new query window. Needless to say, it was a bit annoying. Usually, you would fix this by deleting and recreating the file association. Well, thanks to Microsoft’s wonderful engineers, Windows Vista and 7 Read More

Young criminal in the making

So I stopped into the local CVS store this evening to pick up a few things and upon reaching the registers I noticed quite the funny and yet disturbing exchange of words. Here’s a lady with her 3 year old child and a store employee. The mother is telling her child that taking things without Read More

U.S. and International Efforts and Aid

This morning I had the pleasure of reading a single wall post on Facebook that generated 52 comments in 8 hours. The wall past was “F*ck Haitians” and the explained purpose of this post was anger over the US raising money and aiding Haiti as a result of the earthquake. This finally tipped me over Read More

Exmerge – Permissions Error

When running the Microsoft Exmerge utility, you may receive the following error in your exmerge.log file: Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d) Even though you may be a Domain Admin or Enterprise Admin, you will Read More

Vikings lose in OT. Controversy over NFL's OT rules.

So it’s the NFC Championship game and two great teams are playing. The Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. At the end of the 4th quarter, the score is tied at 28. According to NFL regulations, there is to be a coin flip and the winning team gets first possession. The first team to Read More

Buckeye Beer Engine – Fan-fraking-tastic!

A few posts ago, I warned all three of you readers about the dangers that come with visiting a place called “Lucky’s Cafe” in Tremont. Well, Thursday I tested another local place and am pleased to report the opposite experience. Lets start with service – it was fast, courteous and efficient. Order was taken quickly. Read More

Update Time

It’s been a while. Things are going well. I’ve been pretty busy. I moved to a new apartment over Thanksgiving. (I love it!) My web design business has been growing. (Extra money always helps) I am starting vocal lessons next weekend. Yes, that’s what I said – vocal lessons. My hopes are to get good Read More

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