Coding, Browsers and More

Well, lets start with a bit of coding issues and resolutions as of late. Apparently, Gallery2 sees and as two different websites. So… since it has build in image leeching protection, it will protect the images from being displayed from the non www version of the site unless you specify the non www Read More

Business is booming!

It has taken a little over a year, but the web business is finally booming. I just got about 95% complete on one site this week, waiting for some DNS changes before I can finish. Got a hosting sale with a local law firm. Working on a huge redesign for Woodhill Supply. Working with a Read More

Hangin' in there.

So, since the trade, the Cavs are 1-2 and the win was the first of the three games. The first game looked great. The last two were horrible. It seems that they are having trouble working together. Again, they did trade half their team and it will take time for them to learn to work Read More

I'm back.

Well, it has been a while since I posted on a blog. I think last June was it when I was still using Well, I have since switched over to to build my already big ego a little more. Nothing like your name as a domain. It’s been a busy ass year so Read More

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