Restaurant Review 7 – Frascati In The Valley in Valley View, Ohio

5143 Canal Rd
Valley View, Ohio 44125

So here I am, it’s about noon and I have 2 hours to kill before rehearsal for Garfield Heights High School’s week away debut of Grease and I’m hungry. Trying to think of where to go, I remember this new place in the valley. At one time, the place was called Calla Club. Thinking back, the place was pretty bland. Calla sold and some place called “Redneck Rendezvous” opened. Before I could make it in there, it already closed in what seemed like just weeks. Now, it’s this Italian place called Frascati’s. Love me some pasta, so why not? Let’s give it a shot.

I walked in the door and felt Italy. The decor was very nice. Frank Sinatra playing in the background. Full remodel inside. Fortunate for me, the place was a ghost town. This means one of two things… Great service to come or disgusting experience. I’m thinking a seat at the bar will work. As I sat down, the bartender walked over and actually introduced himself as Mark and shook my hand. Very impressive – you don’t see that behind a bar anymore. Good start.

The menu’s fairly small, but pretty much all Italian with the exception of a few appetizers to please the masses. I’d like the Chicken Parm – minus the Parm due to my wonderful dairy allergy. No expectations and it’s hard to screw up. Hell, even Big Boy has decent pasta…

As you can see above, it came out looking great. Fresh tomatoes topping breaded chicken over pasta and sauce. Win number 1 – the chicken looks like it was breaded here, not a frozen patty that they deep fried. Definitely looking forward to digging into this and boy was I impressed. The sauce was superb, the chicken – moist and fresh. Noodles weren’t overcooked or too firm. In all, great meal.

The entire time, Mark has been tending to my needs, even keeping me occupied with some casual conversation. Fantastic service.

Finally, I’ve found a place good enough to warrant a positive review. Definitely check this place out. They have great food, rockin service and authentic Italian decor and music.

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