Restaurant Review 6 – Playmakers Sports Bar & Grill in Garfield Heights, Ohio

9729 Granger Road
Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

So I have been making it a point to visit an establishment more than once before blogging about it. This pattern has not changed with Playmakers. My first encounter at this place was for lunch. A new restaurant, I wasn’t surprised to find the place fairly empty in the way of customers. With that, I held high hopes. With little work for the staff to do, perhaps they’d work hard to make my experience a great one. I ordered the BBQ Burger. The service was pretty good. The food was average. Nothing too special, but not bad. Worthy of a second visit.

Today, at least a month later, I went for dinner and to watch the Steeler’s game with a couple friends. I think there were about 8 people in the place when I got there, my group adding 4 more. The service was interesting. The food, again, average. Our waitress came to the table at least every 10 minutes to see if we needed anything. Normally, if we were drinking, that would have been a good thing. However, due to the lack of the right liquor license, they are unable to sell liquor on Sunday. After about 2 hours and at least 15 visits from our waitress, the constant checking on us started to get annoying. Everytime she came to the table, we were good and didn’t ask for anything. One would think she’d take a hint. The final straw was 4 minute to halftime in the game when we were informed that the place was closing in 15 minutes. Seriously? A sports bar closing during an NFL game? Quite shocking. Particularly when there’s 6-8 people sitting at the bar drinking beers. It’s not like there was no business at all.

Average place but unfortunately poor business plan. Maybe they’ll do alright, but it’s not a place for me. Best of luck to you, Playmakers. You may succeed, but it won’t be by my dollar.

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