BRRG Week 1 Bout 1

I am just going to post my random thoughts as this goes on. Bout 1. Hellbombers vs. Cleveland steamers Here we go. Time for intros! Pain Austin is bench managing steamers. Awesome! Slaughter is back on skates. Killy gets first lead jam. Steamers up 2-0 Nice hit halo! 1 point steamers. Nice blocking all around. Read More

Just another day in Basketball

This post is in reference to a Yahoo Sports article featured here. Towards the end of overtime; with the Heat down by two points, the Heats final chance to tie the game went out the window when LeBron settled for a long three point shot. It was surprising to see LeBron take the shot, since Read More

10 Commandments for getting along with your IT guy

You see to many people IT guy is a mystery; a reclusive, surly shadow that descends upon you in your hour of need and disappears thereafter, from sight and consciousness, moving on to the next user in distress. Dealing with such a creature may seem complicated or daunting. Keeping that in mind I’ve come up with 10 guidelines for successfully navigating the pitfalls of dealing with your IT guy. Read More

Theatre.. Community, School and the experiences within

The last 3 months have been quite the experience for me. It all started August 29th. It first auditions for a musical called “The Drowsy Chaperone”. This show is being put on by Garfield Players. In addition, it is the first show in which I am titled, Producer. Little did I know exactly how much Read More

Restaurant Review 4 (again) – Angelo’s Diner, Garfield Heights, Ohio

If you read my previous review of Angelo’s Diner, you would know that I have been disappointed several times. Generally speaking, if you do not impress me after a couple tries, it’s over. Well today I had an hour or so to kill before I had to be somewhere near Angelo’s, so I gave them Read More

Restaurant Review 5 – Seoul Garden (Asian Cuisine) in Parma, Ohio

5270 Pearl Rd Parma, OH 44129 Urban Spoon Listing Thursday of last week, I stopped by Seoul Garden for lunch and oh my, what the experience. I ordered BulGoKi box and my friend ordered Jap Chae and some sort of pepper pancakes. Of course, as tradition with Korean cuisine, the meal was started with an Read More

(sorta-un)Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! This weekend was a blast! The musical I am producing, The Drowsy Chaperone, opened Friday night and was a huge success. The rest of the run this weekend (Saturday and Sunday shows) were really low attendance. I blame the holiday and hope it will be better next weekend. The rest of the Read More

Roku Player HD Review

To begin, I am not a huge fan of Apple products to begin with. Yes, I have an iPad, but that is certainly the limit of the distance I am willing to go with Apple at this point. With that said, with the release of the Apple TV for $99 USD, I was intrigued me. Read More

Restaurant Review 4 – Angelo’s Diner, Garfield Heights, Ohio

For those of you that read my reviews, you can tell that I am not easily impressed and am more than willing to give you my blunt opinion of a place. Today’s lunch trip was no exception to the rule. This, however, is a slightly different scenario than most. Rather than reviewing after one trip, Read More

Restaurant Review 3 – Philomena’s Restaurant

Update 1/22/2012
Philomena’s Restaurant has been closed for a while now. Clearly I am not the only one with a poor opinion of this place. Read More

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